Friday, January 16, 2009


So last night I went from 72.5 to 73.5....with the quest helper helping me do quests it knocks out the searching and sometimes the wtf.... I suggest anyone who doesn't use the quest helper addon who has trouble questing do so.... but in looking at how quick i will hit 74 tonight I'm becoming amazed at the ease of leveling...before it would take me a week easy to do 1 level. This week I've gone from 71 to 74...with the weekend to increase that total. I really am looking forward to 75 with the shield slam ability....tanking the new instances has been rather "cake" so far so this should add to the good ole' times. Everyone in the click I quest with have been leveling pretty well this week...Joey 76 Jaden 72 (Respecc'd to do more deeps.) Andi....well hes a tool. (jm.) Davey plays his dk like its crack....but hes still 75 on his he's in the upper of the guys leveled in our click. I'm hoping to catch Davey by weekends end. I don't know how much rested I have but I've yet to see the end of the rested bar which is good news....the quests give anywhere from 10k xp to like 42k xp....which is like amazing.

I'm slowly but surely leveling my other stuff too....

Enchanting - 385 hope to be 410 by weekends end.
Mining - 410 not sure how much higher i can go for the zones I'm in.

I haven't leveled anything else well because i find them useless....(Fishing, first aide, cooking.)

My quest to become Surbuck, Thee Explorer is going nice. So far I have Eastern Kingdom done and Outlands done. Kalmidor will be next and when I hit 77 Bam I will be the explorer....which will be kinda cool...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My leveling problem, and addiction.

All of those who know me or how I play know I level and well a turtle pace. Well last night i dinged 72 and with a couple of instances and 2 quests im already half way to 73, at this pace im sure to level quicker than before and actually enjoy it. WOW has watered down the game a bit to make leveling to me easier on the tank speccs.

Im addicted to exploration in the game. I'd rather travel on my bear mount and explore than do quests....I know isnt that odd, so i figure if i like just running around why not Get the sweet title for exploring the entire wowverse. My new plan every time I ding I explore one entire section of a map (exp. I hit 73 tonight either tonight or tomorrow I would explore northern eastern kingdoms of what I have not got.

If anyone would like to join in on the exploration let me know....Paladins Mount UP!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Guild Banks

Why do you have a guild bank?

To keep a large amount of benefitable items for the guild and its mates to use.
Say a guildie needs one large prismatic shard yet the cheapest one on the ah is 21gold the guild bank should give them one or w/e they need as long as they make an effort to put things in or pay it forward.

Why do guilds have banks that dont allow people to use them??

Affraid of being hacked and sold? Dont play the game then or go online by that matters.
Some new people dont deserve to use the guild bank? Then dont invite them into your guild.

Those are things that ruffle my feathers.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Happy Stabby pants

Leveling a rogue compared to a tankadin has been bittersweet....

for 70 levels of surbuck I said wow....this is horrid how do people do this on multiple char's??? (granted I was a tank and didnt know the glories of shockadin or ret.) But im just thinking I looked at time played for ditiris last night and im a level 66 soon to be 67 and I'm on pace to hit 70 in half of hours played as buck....HALF!!! I know playing one char and learning quests help but I can burn threw long quests like of killing 20 of this mob and 20 of that mob like butter... buck it would be pull a couple conc. and wait....waitt....waitt......ok rinse and repeat.

Currently i'm Mutilate specc with my rogue, but im leaning towards using swords and pulling aggro from delos when he tanks :-) not really but I would like to go from tanking and receiving the most damage in a group to leading or being high on a damage dealt list. When the raid or group is over and someone posts damage done meters and im always like 6 out of 10 I sit and go...damn me for being a peice of bread to soak up all the water...I want to be the bird eating the bread. So maybe when lich king comes Diti will be my new main, with surbuck in second and my deathknight to be in third...only because There will be millions of people lfg deathknight this.....hah...Im leaving surbuck a tank unless paladins get a hot....I dont find fun in spamming flash of light or holy light or shock... I do find fun in aoe tanking :-).

I guess playing one char for almost two years then playing one rogue for 1 year makes me enjoy doing damage....

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

All the tank I can be....

Slowly I'm working on a tankadin set that I can have alot of fun and let the dps'rs have all the fun they want too...My defense is still at or above 490, but im working on getting my spell damage through the roof... Right now with some pots and what not my spell damage is sitting around or about 400. which is pretty darn good. I would really like to see it as high as my defense, because the way I look at it my defense should be good for me not to die, but if my aggro isnt the tops then I wont die all the squishes will... (wouldnt be a bad thing....*cough atlon, delos.)

I've been playing alot with the same people which is a blast since we know each others tendincies, but I really wish we could find another 2 people to always have around. I think it would be great to go hey I want to do an heroic and just be like you you you you lets do this! we end up pugged the last two spots which are just dps spots since we have one healer myself the tank and a mage with a sweet turtle. pugging isnt bad, but sometimes you get someone whom doesnt fit well with others. such as this mage we pugged thee other day the mob does a very short a lighting bolt of some sort that affects anyone in 10yrd radius well we mentioned not standing around that thing other than me....the mage didnt like this thought of standing so far from me or something and decided to take the aoe thee entire time... then on a giant infernal which does one huge spike of like 11,000 damage to an area we said to everyone stand ontop of me he decided to stand away from everyone and got one shot for 11,000. Thee 11,000 splits evenly with everyone in radius.... so 3 people taking the spike would break down to 3,666.6 which is a ton better than 11k.... ohwell...

I've decided to level my rogue by the end of the weekend currently sitting on 66. Well I didn't decide to I was basicly challenged by the master of leveling....

Ditiris is my rogue
Surbuck is my pimp

Friday, November 30, 2007

A friend has tricked me....

Into posting a blog.

I'm currently a tanking paladin....

Decent can check it here.

I'm currently working on a decent healing set....for when we only need one tank and have the warrior tank I switch into my healing gear and be all that I can be...:-/